Daniel Verstegen

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

About me:

Creative self-taught full stack software engineer with 7+ years of professional experience.


2022 - Present

Senior Software Engineer, Engineering Manager & PO - ChargePoint

Assumed a more leading and facilitating role in a core software domain after a reorganisation. In this role I am backed by the many learnings of past years, and apply them in such a way so that our team can enjoy a healthy way of working and priorities are set with a good balance between new features, tech debt and support tickets.

  • Leading a team, where we own the vehicle domain and legacy ViriCiti systems
  • Facilitating scrum ceremonies
  • Managing product backlog, incoming support tickets and addressing technical debt
  • Organizing and performing 1 on 1's and feedback sessions
  • Facilitating periodic Way of Working meetings
  • Conducting code reviews
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing sessions
  • Steering and making architectural decisions
  • Key player and engineering representative in multi stakeholder initiatives
  • Member of advisory cloud software council, where I advocate for a "you build it you own it" mentality
  • Rebuilt legacy J1939 DM processor into scalable Kafka Streams application using Kotlin
2017 - 2022

Lead Developer - ViriCiti, later part of ChargePoint

Starting in a junior software engineering role I have developed myself over the course of four years to become a Senior Software Engineer and Lead Developer. Now, together with an amazing team I'm building, maintaining and owning multiple legacy & modern services/architectures in our domain driven microservices framework. One day you're digging in the bits and bytes of a CAN-frame, the next you're spinning up 12 replicas of a service you've built.

  • Massively refactored and improved legacy event streaming service
  • Built efficient Kafka to AWS S3 offloader
  • Implemented 3rd party SSO SAML2.0/OAuth2 support
  • Co-wrote back end architecture for new domain using federated Apollo GraphQL services
  • Acquired solid understanding of Mongo aggregations (and their verbosity...)
  • Built services integrating with 3rd party ITCS systems
  • Built several NodeJS and Rust apps running on our in-vehicle device
  • Built IFTTT-like service for sending commands to vehicles
  • Maintained and improved public WebSocket server; exposing live data streams
  • Performing job interviews
  • Organizing hackathons
  • Organizing and performing 1 on 1's and feedback sessions
  • Lots more that I can't remember


Successfully demonstrated unsafety of Android apps for the AVROTROS TV show "Opgelicht?! Cybercrime" during live stand-up comedy show.

  • RAT Android app with hand-built (lol) TCP communication protocol
  • Java C&C server
  • ExpressJS file server
2007 - 2016

Bartender & Manager - Café de Laurierboom

9 Fantastic years working and running the family bar.

  • Cash counting Android app connecting to (dad's) custom-built Access back office
  • Python server for syncing data
  • Small contributions to AOSP Cyanogenmod
  • Android APK code injector script h4x
  • Lots and lots of gezelligheid
2004 - 2007

Kitchen Staff - Bistro 't Stuivertje

Coming of age, learning a tonne from my strict, but awesome chef

  • Dishwashing, later cold side
Always be Coding

Pet Projects

I like to build things in my spare time

  • | repo

    Server-side rendered schedule app for the Amsterdam GVB ferry times, with auto GTFS importing

    Rust, Rocket, Sqlite, GTFS, Nginx
  • Can holder | model

    Can holder to easily bring in your cans for deposit. (Picked up by Amsterdam based paper Het Parool)

    Fusion 360, Concepts
  • | repo

    Responsive digital version of the football pool form we do at the bar, with auto saving functionality

    VueJS, Firebase
  • esp32-woohoo | repo

    3D printed, battery powered ESP32 + BME280 sensor project, using MQTT protocol for data transfer and Prometheus as for timeseries storage

    CAD, Arduino, Rust, MQTT, Prometheus, Grafana




Intensive two month web development bootcamp

  • Ruby on Rails, ES6, React, git, NodeJS, functional programming, and more
2001 - 2006

Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam

Not much to see here...

  • HAVO